Creative Business: Mentorship

As you know by now, I’ve had lots of formal schooling (4 years of undergrad at the University of Michigan with a Movement Science Major and Spanish Language Minor, and 3 years of post-grad doctorate work at Northwestern University for Physical Therapy) phew!

However, NONE of that has been in business or art! My mom is an art teacher, yes, so I’ve gathered lots of fine art specific skills from her and the classes I enrolled in growing up, but when I started my business, I was lacking a mentor and role model to help guide me through the weeds.

Let me tell you, navigating this life of entrepreneurship can be a lonely road, and that’s how I felt when I first started out. I was figuring things out on my own with a LOT of trial and error.  

I knew from my previous degrees how valuable mentorship was in navigating school and career paths. I slowly met more and more creative people while living in Chicago – Danielle Moss & Megan Piercy were extremely helpful and influential mentors – but they still didn’t have the industry specific skills I was looking for in my art.

But then I met Shanna…

Me having a grand ol’ time at Blueprint Summit this past November for Shanna’s annual business planning retreat! Photo by @sarah___ingram

Me having a grand ol’ time at Blueprint Summit this past November for Shanna’s annual business planning retreat! Photo by @sarah___ingram

Last January I took a big step investing in industry specific mentorship and let me tell you, it has paid off 10 fold. It’s how I’ve learned about all these lessons I’ve shared and how I’ve been able to step back from my physical therapy job and realistically dream about transitioning to working as a full time artist. It has paid for itself and more. I don’t even want to think about how much time it would have taken me to figure this all out on my own.

I took Shanna’s Blueprint Model course which is her once a year coaching program. We call it business school for creatives. She offers a basic blueprint model course which is amazing for all industries, as well as industry specific add-ons (floral designers, event planners, artists and more!) Each add-on has extra courses led by experts in each field - studio tours from some of the most successful players in the industry?! YES PLEASE.

The course targets dreamers, people “in the weeds” and more established business owners looking to hire, expand, and scale. I’ll be sharing more details soon don’t you worry!

She only opens for enrollment once a year for only one week long! January 11th-17th. Then we all dive in together for some amazing, mind-blowing 3 months of education and mentorship.

Lesson 6 Homework:

Sign up now for Shanna’s FREE online mini workshop that starts on January 7th (I can’t wait to get an updated refresh from her!)

Her free workshop “BRINGING BASICS BACK” will help walk you deeper through all my lessons and more!

If you were in the free class last year, you know how amazing she is. She re-vamps it every year, so I always like to jump start my new year with her fresh guidance and business wisdom! You can register here.

Doors are open from January 11-17th, and on January 15th she’s hosting another free live webinar that you won’t want to miss. You can grab a seat for that here.