Creative Business: Outsourcing

In one of my favorite business books – Principles by Ray Dalio – he teaches you that one of the most important things you can do in building your business (and just your personal growth for that matter) is to honestly identify your weaknesses. Once you know what you’re bad at, you will actually be more likely to achieve what you want!

Creative Business with Katherine Corden Art

Owning up to my weaknesses has been one of the most enlightening and life-giving changes I have made in my business.

I’ve identified what I don’t like doing, what I’m not good at, and what I’m not efficient at.

These tasks not only take up major time and mental energy, but they also aren’t worth my time or mental energy! Bookkeeping and accounting don’t make me money – painting does. I’ve figured out a way to spend as much possible time doing what I’m good at, and I’ve learned to outsource when and where I can.

Aside from spending more time painting, I also get to help other small businesses flourish. My graphic designer and photographer have become my friends in real life and all of us have grown to support each other and our businesses in beautiful ways. What a gift.

Lesson 5 Homework:

Write down a list of everything you do in your business from accounting to shipping to content creating to email responding etc. If you’re anything like me – this list will be L-O-N-G.

Make note of the tasks that YOU must do and the tasks that you are able to delegate, outsource, or teach someone else to do.

I personally outsource my bookkeeping, accounting, photography, fine art printing and graphic design work. I also have a shipping software that helps streamline my shipping & labeling, which I view as outsourcing.

If you’re struggling with reconciling the cost of hiring help or outsourcing, or fear letting go of your death grip on your business, my friend Shanna put together a free mini workshop “BRINGING BASICS BACK” that will help walk you through all of this and more starting January 7th!

If you were in the class last year, you know how amazing she is. She re-vamps it every year, so I always like to jump start my new year with her fresh guidance and business wisdom! You can register here.

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