Collection Preview: Valentines Figures

Collection Preview: Valentines Figure Study by Katherine Corden Art

Inspired by the fresh start of a new year, I explored a looser and more energetic approach to this series.

When trialing new techniques, I always find it useful to use a tried and true subject - in this case, the female figure. She never fails to offer the challenge of capturing expression, light values, volume and weight.

Like many of my pieces, my use of color & marks are inspired by the land around me. Even when my subjects aren’t directly reflecting the Great Lakes region, I still find myself endlessly inspired by Her - by nature.

Suggested by their names, these female figures personify the many sides of Her - particularly in this season of Winter. I had so much fun naming them - some are cheeky, flirtatious, and bold, others are nostalgic, hopeful, and serene.


All paintings are framed in a neutral maple wood floater frame. They will be ready to hang, but the frames are deep enough to sit on a shelf (on your dresser next to your jewelry is particularly chic in my opinion!) I love how the clean cut edges & minimalist frames set some boundaries for my energetic marks and washes.

8x8’s are $165 and 8x10’s are $195 + shipping & handling.

Keep scrolling to the bottom to see how I suggest styling or pairing them!



My work humbly accompanied by Britt Bass’s original painting in the top right corner, and Brynn Casey’s original painting in the bottom left corner.

Whether you’re about to become an owner of a KCB original or you already have yours up in your home, I want to see how you style it in your space! Either email your photo to me at or tag me on instagram!

May these pieces continue to complement the light and love in your home.