Creative Business: Branding

When I first started out, I didn’t make the connection that my art business was also my brand. I was spending too much time looking around at what everyone else was doing instead of focusing on who I am and what I like. My website, social feeds, and even my paintings weren’t an accurate reflection of ME.

But what did feel like me was my wardrobe, the way I decorated my home, the way I lived my life… that was recognizable as KATHERINE.

I started looking away from what everyone else was doing and focusing on what I have always loved - nature, the lake, northern Michigan, cozy & welcoming homes, beautiful and ethical clothing… and from there both my painting style and brand have organically grown to where they are today.

Creative Business: Branding with Katherine Corden Art

And you know the best part about honing my brand to accurately reflect me and what I love? I’ve effortlessly attracted clients who love the same things as me - the Great Lakes region, beautifully made clothing, inspiring homes, nostalgic artwork.

I started being able to differentiate between what I think is beautiful or inspiring, and what I think is truly ME. Not always the same thing. The stronger that muscle has gotten, the more cohesive my brand has become.

Lesson 3 Homework:

Create a Pinterest board titled “Brand” or “Mood Board” etc.

Set a timer for yourself and spend 20-30 minutes pinning anything and everything that speaks to you - movement in a floral dress, the light from a photograph taken in Italy, a painter’s palette, a cozy sweater (all things I typically pin!)

Over several weeks, continue to pin to this board until you feel you have good control over what you’re pinning here. You can also create a hardcopy version from magazine clippings etc. Reference it as much as you need while creating in your business.

You can see my Pinterest for inspiration here.

If you don’t already know, my friend Shanna put together a free mini workshop “BRINGING BASICS BACK” that will help walk you through all of this and more starting January 7th!

If you were in the class last year, you know how amazing she is. She re-vamps it every year, so I always like to jump start my new year with her fresh guidance and business wisdom! You can register here.

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Happy New Year! See you in 2019,