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I know I don’t need to tell you about the pains of social media algorithms. The fact is, most of us aren’t part of the exclusive few who started marketing on social media back in the day when it was just starting and had their careers launched by the booming blogger community.

I have less than 5,000 follower on Instagram, I don’t have the “swipe up” feature, yet my business has continued to grow and support me.

Why is that?

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My friend Shanna made it very clear when she asked me: “If you took all of those followers and put them in a room, how many of them could you actually work with?”

Isn’t this so powerful and liberating?! We don’t need 60,000 followers to “make it” in business. We don’t even need 10,000 followers. Kevin Kelley says we only need 1,000 true fans, or even less depending on the specifics of your business.

And when I look at how I’ve grown my business, my biggest clients haven’t found me through social media, it’s been good old word of mouth and in person sales. As Shanna says, Instagram is just the cherry on top.

In my business, I’m always trying to market towards one person. This person loves taking care of our planet, they have a connection to the Great Lakes region, they dress in ethically and beautifully made clothing, they enjoy the slow pace of life, the small joys. Their home complements the love and life within it, and includes some nostalgic artwork that can be passed down through generations.

Instead of constantly wanting more, I’m focusing on the “one” and then serving the people right here in front of me. More is not always better.

Lesson 2 Homework:

Sit down for 20 minutes and imagine who your “one” client is. Write down anything and everything that might describe them - who they are, what they like, what kind of life they live, the hobbies they have, where they shop, what they believe in…

Then start to keep this person in mind as you market your business. Try targeting just this one person! The power of ONE!

If you don’t already know, my friend Shanna put together a free mini workshop “BRINGING BASICS BACK” that will help walk you through all of this and more starting January 7th!

If you were in the class last year, you know how amazing she is. She re-vamps it every year, so I always like to jump start my new year with her fresh guidance and business wisdom! You can register here.

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