Meet Kalin Sheick

My “SHE & I” series is an exploration of the beautiful intertwinement of Mother Nature and Feminine Energy. To further develop this study, I invited my talented friends to give a voice to each pair of paintings.

Each woman has some connection to Michigan and/or the Great Lakes. They either practice a creative profession or pursue creative expression in their free time, something I respect and resonate with on a deeply personal level.

I’m proud to know each of them and I’m excited to share with you both their words and unique stories.

My hope is that this series openly invites fresh voices and perspectives different from my own, and perhaps different from yours. You may read more about this project here.

Now, without further ado… Meet Kalin Sheick.


When I finally gave up trying to be something for everybody else and instead just started being the exact woman I wanted to be - the magic happened.

I love the skin I am in. Even the roseacea. Even the multiple scars that dot my knees, my fallopian tubes, my wrist. Even the blank white dots left behind from the zillion moles I've had removed. 

I love my hair. The hair I tried for years to tame and straighten and blow dry and style. And I fell the most in love with it when I just started letting it do whatever the hell it was meant to do all along. 

Do you know what else I love? Good food. Refilling my wine glass. My husband and I sneaking off to get ice cream at 9pm on Summer days when I'm so tired I could fall down. You know what I didn't love?

Obsessively counting points and trying fad diets and wishing like hell my pants were 2 sizes smaller. When I released that stuff and started just taking CARE OF MYSELF - eating food that made me feel good, moving my body around on the regular - I feel like I won the lottery. 

Another true love of mine? This weird out there loud personality. This take no bullshit approach to life. This love those you love fiercely approach. Most of my teenage years were spent hearing things like 'you're intimidating to others' 'you're too loud'. One time in college a professor watching my resume reel and telling me 'maybe just try and be more like a serious news anchor' - but instead I just stubbornly kept being who I was. 

Lastly, the love I have for creating. It's what's shaped me into me the most. A woman who is really damn happy at 31. Who’s partner makes her better. Who created a life she really loved. Who gets to create for a living.

Fall in love with the person you really are. The woman who sits below the surface - the one that at times you feel you need to tame back, the one who challenges people and marches to a different drum. She's magic. She's the one you've been waiting for.   


Kalin Sheick

About Kalin:

Kalin Sheick is an award winning floral designer who flowers for events across Northern Michigan. Her and her husband run a tiny farm where they grow lavender, make a lot of mistakes, and host intimate special events. Leaving behind a career in television to flower, Kalin now designs fro weddings 6 months a year and in the 'off season' helps women develop businesses they love & shares the story of her life on the farm on her blog. Her favorite things include; her dogs, champagne, pizza & Walloon Lake.

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She & I:

Kalin and I first got to know each other when Kalin designed the most beautiful florals I’ve ever seen for our wedding. If I could only watch one person’s Instagram story everyday it would hands down be hers. You don’t want to miss her coffee clinks. And if you’re visiting Petoskey, Michigan this year, make sure to visit her flower shed or join her for a wreath workshop on the farm. Or book a stay at the tiny house. She even hosts yoga and breath workshops in her LAVENDER FIELD. I told you, all these women are awesome. Thank you, Kalin for these inspiring words and for kicking off our writing series!