Meet Anna Liang

My “SHE & I” series is an exploration of the beautiful intertwinement of Mother Nature and Feminine Energy. To further develop this study, I invited my talented friends to give a voice to each pair of paintings.

Each woman has some connection to Michigan and/or the Great Lakes. They either practice a creative profession or pursue creative expression in their free time, something I respect and resonate with on a deeply personal level.

I’m proud to know each of them and I’m excited to share with you both their words and unique stories.

My hope is that this series openly invites fresh voices and perspectives different from my own, and perhaps different from yours. You may read more about this project here.

Now, without further ado… Meet one of my oldest and dearest friends, Anna Liang.


Just this past week I attended the annual Banff film festival in Ann Arbor, MI. I look forward to it every year and I always walk out of the theater feeling awe-struck and inspired to do something outside…maybe not as extreme as running a 100 mile race or mountain biking through Nepal, but something outside. I get that same feeling every time I read books on rock climbing or mountaineering or journeys through an unknown landscape. There’s something about these stories and adventures that lights a fire inside. Maybe it’s because the great outdoors inspires us to see how far we can go… or maybe because it also shows us how far we’ve come. Both are a true testament of how strong the human spirit is. It’s the human element of these stories that feels so relevant. Stories of people overcoming challenges, feeling more alive, or learning more about themselves when they can be truly present in nature. Being able to light that human spirit inside is an incredible gift from the great outdoors, one that I cherish and am incredibly grateful for.



Anna Liang

Anna at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Anna at the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro!

About Anna:

I currently live just outside of Detroit and have been enjoying all of the perks of new, amazing restaurants popping up on a weekly basis. If you need any food recommendations, I’ve got you covered! During the day I work for an electrical controls company, but in the evenings you can usually find me at the local rock climbing gym, in a ceramic class, or curled up on my couch with a good book and tea. I caught the travel bug young and always have an itch to travel some place new. Many of my trips have involved exploring the great outdoors from ice climbing in Iceland, hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, exploring the mountains of Banff, road tripping through National Parks in Utah, to relaxing by the lakes in Northern Michigan. There’s nothing better than to enjoy being outside with the people I love the most.

Read with her:

If you’re looking for inspiring books, here are some goodies:

She & I:

Anna and I have gone to the same school since we were five years old. From grade school to middle school to high school to 4 year college roommates at the University of Michigan, our common interests have forged a lifelong bond. We’ve always shared a love for sports, art and nature… We’ve played on the same teams, worked on endless art projects together, and even have belayed each other while ice climbing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We are meeting up soon for a college reunion in Austin, Texas and to say we are excited to reunite is an understatement!

Anna has always been such an excellent example of how to live a well rounded, juicy life. I’m so proud to call her one of my best friends and so grateful to have her contribute to this series! Thank you, Anna!