In Your Home: Unexpected Ways to Style Art

One of the coolest things about artwork, is that it doesn’t necessarily have to match a room! A cool piece of art can stand on it’s own. It also has the power to make a small room feel larger and a large room feel cozier. I collected some of my favorite inspirational images from Pinterest to help you discover ways to style your home you might not have thought of yet.

  1. Frame your doorway with artwork

Talk about Feng-Shui! What’s more welcoming than a joyful doorway with colorful artwork? It makes leaving for work in the morning a little less painful too. Make it eclectic by choosing different sizes and frames. Leaving a piece or two unframed makes it feel extra casual and welcoming!

2. Disguise your T.V. with a gallery wall

Dave and I are still roughing it without a T.V. in our apartment, but whenever we do invest in one, you better believe one of the first items on my to-do list will be to re-create this beautiful layout. The extra touch of the water-ski adds awesome texture and interest. No more giant flat screen screen eye sores.

3. Treat art as a decorative object

Okay so I had lots of inspiration for this one. Whether its styling a bookshelf, a kitchen shelf, or a bedroom dresser - the options are truly endless for smaller sized artwork. My favorite part about art this size - you can easily move it around your house as you please to switch it up when you’re bored.

4. Don’t forget to go to the bathroom

Sorry I couldn’t help myself with the title of this last idea! But truly, I think people forget that you can put artwork in the bathroom! Use it to warm up sterile walls or cover up the cracked tile you haven’t fixed yet. It will make getting ready in the morning feel much more luxurious.

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