Collection Preview: Home for the Holidays

Perhaps inspired by a touch of homesickness, I felt especially called to celebrate my favorite road home for the holidays this season - M22.

M22 is a famously scenic highway, nearly 117 miles long, that traces the Lake Michigan shoreline along the Leelanau Peninsula (the “pinky” of the mitten if you will). It passes through storybook charming beach towns and even the national treasure of Sleeping Bear Dunes.

The road twists and turns around both the Great Lake and inland lakes.

It rolls up and down hills throughout the woods.

It is accompanied by a beautiful bike trail at some parts, and lined with cherry trees in others.

It leads to hidden hiking trails and jaw dropping lookout points.

It’s such a gem that I even hesitate to share it this much, yet simultaneously as an artist feel a sense of responsibility to do exactly that.

I intentionally designed this collection for you - for the holiday season. A little sliver of M22 will be my gift to you.

And although each painting is a color study of M22, I hope you might see your own favorite curve of road that leads you home or to a favorite place. Like so many of my paintings, I enjoy balancing realism and abstraction, to leave a bit of room for imagination and personalization.

What to expect:

Each day from December 1st-12th, I’ll be releasing one 8x8 painting in the order listed below at 10 am CST. Each painting is a multi-media painting on cold-pressed paper, mounted to wood panel. They are framed in a minimal maple wood floater frame and ready to hang. The frames are 1.5” deep and are perfect for either setting on a shelf, hanging alone, in a gallery wall, or (my personal favorite) clustered together!

All paintings are $150 + $10 shipping & handling. They will arrive in beautiful, natural holiday gift wrap!

December 1st: M22 in Sage

December 2nd: M22 in Blue Raspberry

December 3rd: M22 in Mustard Seed

December 4th: M22 in Linen

December 5th: M22 in Olive

December 6th: M22 in Rust

December 7th: M22 in Clay

December 8th: M22 in Chilled Cocoa

December 9th: M22 in Lilac

December 10th: M22 in Evergreen

December 11th: M22 in Winter Sand

December 12th: M22 in Natural