Painting To Protect: FLOW For Love of Water

Happy World Water Day

Since starting my art business, I have grown and continue to grow tremendously – both as a business owner but also as a fine artist practicing my craft. In every series I create, I feel a little closer to accurately expressing my experiences and myself. This practice of my art has taught me how to lean into the uncomfortable, to try new things, to practice vulnerability, and share that with you all.

The wonderful thing about these lessons learned is that they all stretch beyond art. They flow right into real life and challenge us to stretch, practice self-awareness, and investigate those things that trigger us or make us uncomfortable. 

Something that has been on my heart and mind for a while is this responsibility of contribution – to somehow weave my art into purpose and extend my skills and talents in a way that can help the greater good.

Reflecting on my work, and my life, I see a lot of the Lake. Whether that is directly in the subject matter, or simply in the color palette and organic marks, She seems to always shine through. I’ve often felt I owe the Lakes for their endless artistic inspiration. I owe them for their overall respite and solace they’ve provided all my life.

I want to practice and own my personal stewardship of the land and water that I love, so that the generations that follow can know Her as we have.

This past fall, I read Dan Egan’s “The Death and Life of the Great Lakes” while creating an original painting series titled “Lake Lovers”. The collection served as a means of educating my collectors and myself on the current health of our Lakes. A percentage of the proceeds supported FLOW For Love of Water – a non-profit organization that serves to speak for and protect our fresh water and the health of the Great Lakes – the basins for 20% of the world’s fresh water.

I was introduced to FLOW at my very first public art showing and since then have really valued my growing friendship with Liz Kirkwood and her team. I am not an expert on the environment, but I deeply care about it, and I trust FLOW to carry out their mission with our support.

This week has inspired me in many ways. Perhaps it was the super moon accompanied by a spring equinox sunset, something we won’t see again for 19 years. During my evening run I was compelled to just stand and stare, humbly reminded of how small I am. My upcoming collection launch with Megan Gilger, another noble steward of our beloved land and water, has also been on my mind. She has included me in a collaboration of inspiring makers throughout this entire region who all hold sustainability at the core of their work. 

Let's Eat At Golden Hour - Katherine Corden Art x Fresh Exchange.jpg

First quarter is coming to a close, Winter is thawing. We are in the melt. Everything seems soft, yet full of energy. In a way, Spring seems more fitting to symbolize the start of a new year.The earth is starting fresh and so am i. when i learned today was world water day, i took that as a sign to both commit to and share this mission of mine.

For the year of 2019, I will be donating 5% of my proceeds each quarter to FLOW. It is a humble contribution, but I am hopeful and excited to watch this contribution grow along with my work, myself, and with us.

As always, I am honored that you have joined me and supported me on this journey in all the small and big ways. There are many more exciting things to come and I can’t wait to share them with you.Thanks for being here.