Collection Preview: She & I

Katherine Corden Art #abstractfigure #figurestudy #floralpainting #abstractflorals.jpg

She & I

Release May 16th, 10 am CDT.

A collection of figure and flower paintings exploring the intersection of Mother Nature & feminine energy - accompanied by original voices.

While painting this series, I read the book “Where the Crawdads Sing,” a story about a young girl who comes to rely on Mother Nature as her true mother in a time of isolation and abandonment. Rather than fearing nature, she finds solace in Her embrace and throughout the course of the story becomes quite the respected expert on her particular ecosystem. She’s not only surviving, but thriving.

Where the Crawdads Sing, Katherine Corden Art

For my “She & I” series, I invited not only two subjects to the collection - figures & flowers - but also dear friends of mine who are exceptional writers. They have contributed an original voice to each set of paintings and add a beautiful depth to this conversation that I couldn’t have achieved through painting alone.

To learn more about the inspiration for this series and meet the women writers, click here.

Katherine Corden Art #abstractfigure #figurestudy #floralpainting #abstractflorals.jpg

For every figure, there is a corresponding flower.

I painted each pair in tandem, my brush and paint sweeping from one side of the page to the other. They share marks and a color palette with compositions arranged so they communicate with each other, inviting the viewer to witness their dialogue.

I experimented with unexpected combinations of earthy color palettes and gestural marks to further emphasize the influence that nature and feminine energy has in these works.

Each painting will be listed separately, and I sort of love the idea of two “sister” paintings being shared by two different women in different places.

However, If you are interested in purchasing a pair, please email me ahead of time at and I will let you know how to do that!


All paintings are on premium, cotton watercolor paper, mounted to wood panel and framed in a 2.5” deep neutral maple wood floater frame. They will be signed and ready to hang. I love how the clean cut edges & minimalist frames set some boundaries for my loose brush strokes and playful marks.

11x14 (4): $340.00

16x12 (4): $390.00

18x24 (6): $670.00

20x24 (2): $730.00

24x30 (2): $900.00

Please note that colors may vary slightly in person.

They are arranged from smallest to largest.


Lovely on their own or paired together, the modern abstract feel of these paintings can find a home just about anywhere.

We had fun styling them on mantles and bookshelves, but I also can imagine them looking stunning above a bed or making a statement in an entryway… They even would do a lovely job bringing unexpected life to a quiet hallway or corner space!

Katherine Corden Art #abstractfigure #figurestudy #floralpainting #abstractflorals.jpg
Katherine Corden Art #abstractfigure #figurestudy #floralpainting #abstractflorals.jpg
Katherine Corden Art #abstractfigure #figurestudy #floralpainting #abstractflorals.jpg

Whether you’re about to become an owner of a KCB original or you already have yours up in your home, I want to see how you style it in your space! Either email your photo to me at or tag me on instagram!

May these pieces continue to complement the light and love in your home.