Do you take commissions?

Yes indeed! I currently book 1 commission per month and am booked out several months in advance. To inquire regarding commissions, please head to this page HERE.


What is your commission process?

I have laid all of that out on this page HERE! Fill out the form to the best of your ability. Your questions and answers will land in my inbox and then I’ll email you back to kick off the conversation!


Am i able to feature you and your work on my blog?

Absolutely! I love working with bloggers and online publications. Please shoot an email to and I will be in touch!


Do you have studio hours for me to come see your work in person?

Currently I am working out of a small studio nook in our Lincoln Park Apartment. If you are seriously interested in a piece and want to see it in person, you can schedule an appointment to come visit. Email me at


Do you offer designer discounts?

Of course! Designers receive discounts on originals, commissions and prints. Some of my favorite clients to work with are interior designers. There is nothing I love more than seeing a piece of my art beautifully styled in a home. Please email me at and I can hook you up with my designer discount code.


My store is interested in your products. Do you offer wholesale?

I do have several wholesale clients and am interested in growing them. I am working to set up a trade account page on my website, but for now please contact me at


When will you have new art available for purchase?

The best way to stay up to date on my art releases is by signing up for my newsletter! I try to send out weekly Friday emails that update my clients on new releases, exclusive discounts, local events, and other art related content. I also am active on Instagram, another place to find current updates.


I am an emerging artist/creative entrepreneur and have questions. Are you able to meet in person?

I receive a lot of questions from emerging artists and creatives on how I started my business. The truth is, I still am learning a lot myself! However, I have posted several journal entries on tips for emerging artists (My Story, Supplies, Art Shows). If one of your questions is not answered in these posts, please email me at and I will try to either answer it directly or incorporate it in a future journal post! 


What is your return/shipping policy?

I describe all of my policies and shipping information on this page HERE.