My Story.

I don’t remember my first art experience. Not because it was non-significant, but because art has been in my life from the beginning. My mom has her BFA from Michigan State University, and after graduating she started teaching K-12 art in schools. While teaching, she became pregnant with me, so I literally have been learning about art since before I can remember...

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GATHER SERIES - Inspiration and Details on Release

Hey you guys!

I am thrilled to share with you some details and inspiration behind my newest series "Gather". I've painted in this small biz for just over a year and it has been a process of self growth, as an artist but also as a human. My style and technique has evolved and I am learning how to balance the different "baskets" of life if you will (more on that later)...

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My Inspiration for "Shades of Chicago"

Okay, I'm a generally happy person. Not that everything in my life is perfect - it definitely isn't - but I do feel that I have a huge capacity for happiness and I believe it is one of my personal strengths (as opposed to keeping my finances and laundry organized and going to bed early... personal weaknesses… ugh to adult-ing). The way I see it - life is short. I'm not going to waste my time dwelling on the negative! Painting is my happy place and I naturally gravitate towards painting subjects that truly bring me joy...

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