I paint my commissions with the intention to create a very unique and personal piece of artwork that is for the sole purpose of you, my client! The subject often represents something meaningful or personal and for that reason it is such an honor for me to serve you with my paintings in this way! 


Get started 

The first thing I ask is for you to complete the form on this page and send it over. Along with this form, you can start looking for inspiration photographs for me to paint from and send those to

Try to choose or take photos that have distinct light and shadow contrast. My painting style yields the best results when I can use my strokes and colors to emphasize the light play. In my opinion, candid social interaction photos in natural light create the most beautiful and unique paintings. I also am open to painting landscapes and flowers.

Please note that it is at my discretion whether or not a photograph is within my wheelhouse to paint. If I don't think I will be able to sufficiently reflect your vision of the photo in my painting, I may have to politely decline your request. I will always work with you to take/choose a photo that fits within my style! I also can paint you a commission inspired by a previous work of mine!

 If you have more questions on this let me know!



The Process

Once I receive your inquiry, we can either keep chatting via email or schedule a phone call to solidify all of your commission dreams! I will send you my 2018 commission pricing list and once all the details are ironed out I will send you a welcome packet contract. The contract includes photos you have chosen to be painted, my previous works for inspiration, any color choices, any of my own notes I have taken during out conversations and finally the expected delivery date. 

I currently am booking 1 commission per month, and am typically booked out several months in advance. I estimate 4-6 weeks to complete a commission painting from the month we agree is the "start" time. 



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