Well you guys I have to say, 2017 welcomed me with big open arms... I think this year and I are going to have a great time together. At least that's the vibe January has given me and I'm just gonna ride it out!

On December 30th, 2016 I received an email from a curation specialist at an international artists organization asking if I would like to participate in a local art show coming to Chicago January 25th. On January 3rd I was registered with an account and spent all my nights and weekends preparing for this unique opportunity. 

As an emerging artist with essentially no show experience - RAW was the perfect first show for me. Here's why...

  1. It is free to participate!
    • ...as long as you sell 20 tickets before the deadline. (Initially I was very doubtful I would hit this number - but shortly blown away by the support you guys showed! In fact I sold about 40 tickets *happy dancing all day*) 
  2. You earn about half the cost of each ticket sold after you hit the 20 ticket quota (see #1 - more happy dancing)
  3. The event showcases all local artists
    • ...allowing you to connect with similar people in your city - I've already made friends with two extremely talented Chicagoans - Ellie Hottinger the fashion designer of Emah The Label and photographer Andrew Koffke. Check them out! I'm sure you'll love 'em as much as me. 
  4. Further explaining #3... the event is SUPER diverse in terms of mediums
    • It features a pop-up gallery featuring independent visual artists and photographers, fashion shows from up-and-coming local designers, live musical performances, vendor booths featuring local artisans and accessories designers, and live performance art. You get a little taste of everything. 
  5. Unlike many art shows, you get to keep all of your earnings! 
  6. You become a member of an artistic community (created for artists, by artists - how cool is that?!)
    • With countless benefits including an opportunity to participate in a different city's show for free. 
  7. I almost forgot... you get free professional head shots
    • (Excuse my awkward poses you'll find below... I had to follow the models and was V intimidated! I have a whole new respect for models) as well as professional photos taken during the show. 
  8. I'm sure there is more that I'm forgetting, so check it out for yourself here!
    • If you are a local artist in a major city (or country! They are in Australia and Canada too people!) check out RAW and let me know what you think!

I can't thank you all enough for supporting me with this artistic endeavor of mine. You have given me so much energy to keep creating. 

Now make it a great day everyone! 



RAW Chicago Presents CUSP-4445.jpg

Photos by:

Lenny Gilmore //  http://lennygilmore.com/

Alexander Hawn //  https://AlexHawn.smugmug.com/

ALT Imagery // www.altimagery.com

Venue: The Metro // http://metro30.metrochicago.com/